Les Amis Improbable

Sandpoint Cathedral to be dedicated at the Swallowtail Festival

Sandpoint cathedral2

Just 18 days from now on Sandpoint’s famous Swallowtail Festival day our esteemed Mayor Deverin along with other city elders and dignitaries will dedicate our brand new Sandpoint Cathedral! It has been a long 5 years but I think you can see it was worth the wait.

There is no other cathedral in Varisia that worships 6 different but complimentary Deities.

Above is a beind-the-scenes architectural rendering done in Magnimar. I hope you like it.

There will be a fair, great Varisian food as well as games for the kids! It’s only 18 days away!

(OOC – The date cannot be changed to the Varisian Calendar that I know of…only the year)



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