Getting started

Step 1: Make a character!

GM:Rondor says:

As far as character generation goes, what would you guys like to do? I have Hero Lab so we could possibly get together sometime between now and the game and ‘roll’ them all up. Below please find a few rules about the fresh level 1 PC’s you will be creating…

1) Average gold
2) 15 point buy
3) Free BASIC weapon, armor and basic adventuring gear.
4) I am open on which books are used to create him/her but I reserve the right prohibit anything that I feel would interfere with the campaign.
5) Please tie your PC into Sandpoint based on one of the many ways presented in the RotRL Player’s Guide. I also have the Advanced Player’s Guide book which has several additional traits for RotRL which work well.
6) There are traps (note to the wise)
Lucky 7) Have fun! The Golden Rule.

Step 2: Make a back story or character concept and email it to GM:Rondor!

Since we are not starting until 1/17 we obviously have some time to settle the many open details. However, I would like a short backstory with every character. I dont need (or want) a long backstory. You are level 1’s so how much do we need but what I do feel is important is tie-ins for your characters to the region of Varisia and possibly Sandpoint/Magnimar or it’s environs. Feel free to throw in any quirks, secrets or interesting notes for me to play on sooner or later in the campaign. Not all of you need to know each other but you must find yourself in Sandpoint on the morning of Rova (September) 23rd for the Swallowtail Festival. Your Characters, including background should be 100% done by 1/10 so I have a week. My email is Please send me a note so I will have everyones email addresses. Thanks!

Step 3: You’re done! Have a happy holiday season and see you January 17th! Thursday night 6:30-11:00 pm tentatively scheduled.

If you know what you’re doing go ahead and stop reading here.

This page is for new people or possibly people who would like a refresher. If you need some help tying your character to Sandpoint go ahead and jump to this page.

Most of these can be found in the CRB or the Core Rulebook. If you don’t have one handy, try the Pathfinder SRD Character Creation page as it has all the info nicely laid out. Let’s go over each in sequence.

First you need a character sheet. You can use any listed on the pfsrd, use whatever is most comfortable for you. Whether that is a script that helps you fill out everything or simply a blank pdf form that you fill out. A script type that I recommend is Pathguy’s or if you want a blank pdf I currently use Neceros’ Character Sheet.

Second let’s fill out that character sheet. Since this is point buy and not “rolling for stats” we’ll start by picking a class first. Any of the 19 classes in the Pathfinder books are legal, third party classes are subject to DM:Rondor’s approval. Next select a race. There are lots to choose from between the core races and the other races . As usual third party material is subject to DM approval so just ask! If the choices are overwhelming, Humans are never a bad choice.

Now that we have a class and race let’s fill in the ability stats. We are using a Standard Fantasy point buy for this campaign. That means everyone gets 15 points to spend in stat distribution. You can read the point buy chart on the pfsrd’s character creation page or use a point buy calculator to figure out your stats. As a side note, unless meeting prerequistes for feats, spells, or advanced planning try to make your stats an even number. Even numbers are when attribute modifiers go up and down and generally odd numbers are “wasted”. An 11 is the same as a 10 (0), a 17 is the same as a 16 (3) and so on. Examples of an odd stat being helpful would be your Strength stat affecting carrying capacity or 13 dexerity to be able to take the Dodge feat.

Next up is feats. Possibly the hardest part since there are so many! But this is the point where you can specialize your character and make them excel in areas you want. I won’t tell you what to take as half the fun is finding neat feats. But if you’re overwhelmed by all the choices (I don’t blame you). Here are a few boring, usually decent choices. Improved Initiative acting sooner in battle can be a lifesaver. Toughness more HP is never bad. Power Attack Melee characters hit harder. Precise Shot Ranged characters will need this to shoot accurately into melee. Spell Focus Mages can choose the type of spell they use the most and make them harder to resist. Skill Focus Combat isn’t everything, do stuff outside of combat better too!

Phew hard part is over the rest is easy. Skill points are up, just pick the skills you want to be good at. Special notice from the player’s guide says that Knowledge: Arcana and Knowledge:History will be useful in Rise of the Runelords. Also the GM says that there are traps and we should be careful of them. Otherwise, putting one skill point into class skills isn’t a bad idea. Class skills get a +3 point bonus if they are trained. Perception is almost always a good idea, doubly so for finding traps! Rogues and Ninjas should take Disable Device to pick locks and disable traps. Charismatic people should take Diplomacy or Intimidate to help convince NPCs to see things their way.

Finally is the fun part (or not), shopping for gear! Generally you would have a limited fund to buy your starting gear, but GM:Rondor is giving everyone a free basic set of gear to start the campaign. Buy yourself weapons and armor as appropriate. If you’re a mage don’t forget your spell component pouch or holy symbol for clerics. Frontliners might consider curative potions or maybe some alchemist’s fire? If you can’t see in the dark and have no form of magical light, consider a lantern and oil. Rope is something to consider as well, not always useful but when you need it you’ll be glad to have it. The possibilities are endless have a look here .

That took a while but now we’re done! You’ve made an awesome adventurer ready to take on the challenge of Rise of the Runelords. Submit your stats to GM:Rondor along with your back story and the final details will be hammered out and after everything checks out you’ll have a nice Hero Labs made character sheet. You’re ready to play!

Getting started

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