House Rules

As few as possible…

1) No coin weight but that does not mean you can haul 40,000 silver pieces from the dungeon to town in your pockets.

2) No smoking in my house on penalty of a TPK.

3) Please be ready when we get back around to your turn in an encounter. I know we are not all rules experts but we do have a couple of rules savvy players that can help. We are starting at level 1 so it shouldnt be to hard to know your character’s abilities in combat. It really does help the flow of the session.

4) Nobody is expected to be an expert on the rules but kindly make an effort to know your character, minimally.

5) I dont like food at the table personally. My wife will provide some snacks which will generally be healthy food. We try to eat organic at home so we have snacks like fruit, healthly chips with salsa, something my wife baked or the like. If you like the bad stuff you will want to bring it with you. There hasn’t been a soda in my house in 25 years. Water, Juice, Lemonade, maybe Orangina (my wife is French). We have a dining table we can use and sit down or we have extra space to put out snacks and drinks.

6)Intoxication isnt gonna happen. I dont mind if people want a beer or two but if you drink too much prepare to be booted from the group, poste haste.

7) Everyone will have to cancel on scheduled nights once in a while. Life comes first for all of us and it must be understood that this is normal. However, if it is happening constantly and hurting the group we will have to seek a replacement. The idea is to make the group happy. A decent flow is part of that.

8) If you cant make a session please advise the group as soon as you know and no later than 24hours in advance of the session. The earlier the group is advised the easier it is to possibly reschedule to suit the player. Of course, immediate emergencies are something altogether different.

9) My kids are older and cursing doesnt shock anyone in my house. Let’s just try and keep it appropriately placed and not overpowering.

I will add a few more as we move along….

GM Rondor

House Rules

Les Amis Improbable Rondor