Lost Coast Road

The Lost Coast Road is a scenic trail, little more than a winding footpath at times, that begins in Magnimar and travels along the shore of the Varisian Bay. The coastline is shrouded in fog much of the year, but on a clear day the view is truly breathtaking.

Anglesey path2

Sandpoint is the most significant small town along this trail, which also passes by Windsong Abbey, the Fogscar Mountains and [[Roderic’s Cove]] before it finally comes to an end in the lawless port town of Riddleport.

The Lost Coast Road does not fall under any governmental jurisdiction and so the road, as a whole, is neither well-maintained nor protected, outside of the influence of the occasional village along the path. However, travelers can stay at one of the modest roadside inns roughly every 24 miles.

Much of the territory the Lost Coast Road traverses is untamed and most seasoned travelers advise to be on their guard against bandits, goblins, savages, capricious fey, ogres and other fearsome creatures.

Lost Coast Road

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