Rise of the Runelords Trait List (Anniversary Edition)

These are Campaign Traits for RotRL, you can take only one of these. Your second trait has to be of a different type. (Combat, Social, Region, Race, Faith, etc)

Eager Performer:

+1 trait bonus to any one Perform skill
+1 save dc to any one spell from the Enchantment school

This trait is basically tailor made for Bards or anyone using Perform. But the save dc for enchantment spells means spell casters can take it too. Sleep, Charm/Dominate Person, Symbol of X and Power Word X spells are examples of spells that can benefit from this. Of course most Bard spells are enchantments so it’s of double benefit for them.

Family Ties:
+1 trait bonus Knowledge: Local and Knowledge: Local is a class skill
Gain Varisian as a language

Knowledge: Local is one of the most common knowledges used as far as that goes. Given that the campaign will seem to take place in Sandpoint it might not be a bad idea to be familar with the area. The free Varisian will save you from having to have other people translate for you. This may or may not make a difference. But if you want to not be human, not put a point into lingustics, and be able to understand things if this comes up, take the trait.

Friends and Enemies:
Gain A Heavy Combat Trained Horse (300 gp)
Military Saddle (20 gp)
Saddlebags (4 gp)
Bit and Bridle (2 gp)
1 Month of Feed (150 cp)
Life time stabling (Priceless! or 5sp per day)

This seems to be trading a trait for gold. Usually a bad idea in the long run but if your class benefits from having a mount it could be a good idea. I think Cavaliers, Fighter (Dragoon), Paladins, and Rangers maybe? Could initially benefit from this. Then again everyone can use a horse to simply just travel around faster.

Giant Slayer:
+1 trait bonus to Bluff, Perception, and Sense Motive vs Giant subtype
+1 trait bonus to Attack Rolls and Damage rolls vs Giant subtype

The most straightforward trait bonus yet. The Player’s Guide tells you that Giants will be fought and this trait is specifically made for that purpose. Melee, ranged, and magic damage types will enjoy the free bonuses in combat. Out of combat you will also be able to do some subterfuge and possibly avoid fights or start them at an advantage. Remember to apply these bonuses for yourself. No use having them unless you use them!

Goblin Watcher:
+1 trait bonus on Perception and Appraise Checks
+5 trait bonus to Appraise to determine the most valuble item visible in a treasure hoard

Perception is always welcomed. Appraised a little less valuable but not a bad thing to get for free. Not sure how the +5 bonus will work without knowing how the story will go, but these are made for the campaign so it’ll definitely come into play at some point? A fitting trait for thieves treasure hunters.

Hagfish Hopeful:
+2 trait bonus on Fortitude saves vs Disease and Poison

The trait specifies disease and poison as opposed to all fort saves but disease and poison are usually what you are saving vs anyway. Useful for low fort save classes. This is the type of bonus that is easy to overlook. Then bad things happen and you’re str/dex/con is drained and poison is ticking away your health/attribute points and no one has any counter poison effects.

Merchant Family:
Family ties to either the Valdemar or Deverin family
Increase the GP limit of any settlement by 20%
Resell items at a 10% increase

It is unknown whether or not having the family ties will help. Valdemar owns the fishmarket and I think Deverin owns the Glassworks. Ask the DM if this will matter for you. Increasing the GP limit is helpful if you want a wider variety of items to buy from. Want that Belt of Giant Strength +4 ? But the gp limit of the settlement is 15000? Well with this trait, no problem! Reselling items for more gold is always welcome as well. If you like buying and selling things, this is your trait.

Monster Hunter:
+1 trait bonus on attack rolls and weapon damage rolls vs Aberrations and Magical Beasts

Again the player’s guide warns us that these types of monsters will be coming. Mostly at the later levels, but this could still be worth your while. Sadly you won’t get the skill bonuses like the giant trait. But these monsters will be more dangerous so it be well worth it.

Scholar of the Ancients:
+1 trait bonus to Knowledge: Arcana and History
Gain Thassilonian language

Another player guide suggested improvement. Arcana and History as stated to have important uses in the campaign. Thassilonian is a dead language that isn’t used anymore so this will probably be used to read runes and such in ancient ruins. If you have Knowledge: Arcana or History as a class skill you can consider this trait, if not stay away. Knowledge skills can’t be used untrained, so unless you have extra skill points or the class skill, skip this.

Student of Faith:
Cast all cure spells at +1 Caster Level (CL)
+1 trait bonus to save dc of your channeled energy

Clearly made for clerics of either the good, neutral or evil type. Your cures spells will be a bit stronger, and if you channel vs enemies (positive vs undead or negative vs everything else?) this will be helpful. Any class that casts curing spells might find this worth it as well. (Bards, Witches, Oracles, Inquisitors, Paladins, Rangers)

Sandpoint Trait List

These are from the Advanced Player’s Guide (APG) they are from a campaign written by James Jacob called Shadows under Sandpoint and are also suggested as useful for the RotRL campaign. Their effectiveness is unknown as RotRL might have a different focus, but they are probably useful as they are specifically mentioned.

Favored Son/Daughter

+1 trait bonus to Knowledge: Local and Knowledge: Local is a class skill
You can choose any one law-abiding citizen of Sandpoint from below as an ally with varying benefits

Ameiko Kaijitsu (Local nobel and owner of the Rusty Dragon Inn)
Ameiko is one of Sandpoint’s most influential and beloved nobles. Her inn/tavern is the most popular in town, and as one of her friends, you’re guaranteed a place to eat and sleep for free. She’s got lots of great contacts with merchants as well, and she’ll sell any of your loot for you— as a result, you gain an additional 10% over the amount of gp you normally would get from selling off treasure.

Free inn stays with food and drink
+10% from selling items/treasures

Belor Hemlock (town sheriff)
Belor, Sandpoint’s no nonsense arm of the law, is like the uncle you never had. The benefits of being close friends with the town sheriff are extensive, and you can call in favors from him once per game session. A favor can either get you out of a legal jam, hook you up with a town guard for help, or give you a one-time +10 bonus on a Bluff, Diplomacy, or Intimidate check made against any local person.

Can possibly get you out of a legal jam or get a town guard to help you.
A one time +10 bluff/diplomacy/intimidate check against a local person

Ameiko as an ally sounds like a mix of the Family Ties and Merchant family traits from above, mixing and matching some effects and discarding the others. Belor sounds more useful to any player who can creatively use the sheriff bonus to convince the GM to do things. But if you aren’t specific enough the DM may simply deny your request to have Belor help.

Black Sleep

+1 trait bonus to Knowledge: Local and Knowledge: Local is a class skill
You can choose any one notorious citizen of Sandpoint from below as an ally with varying benefits

Alive “Pillbug” Podiker (apothecary)
Everyone suspects wseaty, shifty-eyed Pillbug sells poisons from his cluttered, acrid smelling wreck of a shop. You’re one of the few in town who knows this for a fact. You start the game with 400 gp worth of poison, and Pillbug will continue to sell you poison as long as you don’t spread the word.

Start play with 400 gp worth of poison
Pillbug will sell you poisons

Titus Scarnetti (bitter nobleman)
Scarnetti Manor was hit hard recently, and the revelation of Scarnetti’s ties to Sczarni criminals damaged his reputation as well. He’s eager to rebuild his presence in town, and you’re one of the ones he’s selected as an agent. Choose one of the following skills: Bluff, Sleight of Hand, or Stealth. yoru work for Scarnetti gives you a +1 trait bonus on that skill, and it is always a class skill for you.

Choose Bluff, Sleight of hand, or stealth
Gain that as a class skill and a +1 trait bonus

The chaotic side of Sandpoint also gives you the +1 local check and skill. But the citizen effects are wildly different. Willing using poison is an evil act, so may not be for everyone. But poison is quite useful and deadly of course. The other side is simply do you want one of those skills as a class skill? If so take it, if not avoid.


Pick one of the three reasons to be a newcomer to Sandpoint
Lore Seeker
+1 trait bonus on Knowledge: Arcana and it is a class skill for you
Pick three arcane spells on your spell list, those spells function at +1 CL and get +1 save dc (if any)

+2 trait bonus to Initiative

+1 trait bonus to Knowledge: Religion and it is a class skill for you
Pick three divine spells on your spell list, those spells function at +1 CL and get +1 save dc (if any)

Three more straightforward traits. Lore seeker for the arcane casters, Missionary for the divine, and exile for anyone who wants more initiative (everyone).

Regional Traits

This section will be a bit brief as there are tons of possible traits to take. Feel free to have a look at a more complete list at the pfsrd page Anything connected to Varisia would probably be acceptable. That includes the Shoanti Tribes, Korvosa, Magnimar, Riddleport, Janderhoff, Kaer Maga, and of course Sandpoint itself.

These traits require you to be from a certain area or have spent an extensive amount of time there. These are perfect to help create a reason why you’re from Varisia and possibly why you are currently in Sandpoint. You CAN take this with one of the traits from above as this is a Regional Trait not a Campaign trait.

Here are a few:

Varisia – Shoanti Tribe
Shoanti Tribesman:
You were born or adopted into a Shoanti tribe. Choose one of the following skills: Climb, Survival, or Swim. You gain a +1 trait bonus on this skill, and it is always a class skill for you.

Varisia – Korvosa
Roof Racer:
You’ve spent more than your fair share of time among the strange sloping slums that cover the rooftops of much of Old Korvosa. When using the Acrobatics skill to make a long jump, you treat the DC of the skill check as if the distance being jumped were 5 feet shorter than it actually is.

Varisia – Magnimar
Underbridge Dweller:
You were raised in the Shadow district of Magnimar beneath the Irespan, a veiled place the light of the sun touches for only 3 hours per day. Your well-founded suspicions grant you a +2 trait bonus on Perception checks in dim light, and Perception is always a class skill for you.

Varisia – Riddleport
Winner’s Luck:
Winning at the tables in Riddleport’s gambling houses can be as devastating as losing. Years of dodging the jealous blows of card table patrons have given you a sixth sense for when your luck is about to run out. Whenever you succeed at a Reflex saving throw, you may draw a weapon as an immediate action, or a hidden weapon as a move action.

Varisia – Janderhoff
Whether from working with dwarven merchants or being one yourself, you’ve developed a distinctly dwarven business sense. You receive a +2 trait bonus on Perception checks to notice coins, gems, jewelry, and valuable trade goods. You gain a chance to notice such goods whenever you pass within 10 feet of them, whether or not you are actively looking.

*Varisia – Kaer Maga

Accustomed to the strange residents of Kaer Maga, you have few prejudices. You gain a +2 trait bonus on Diplomacy checks when dealing with aberrations, monstrous humanoids, undead, and creatures with the giant subtype.
*Varisia – Sandpoint

Local Know-it-All:
Choose a community that you’ve lived in for at least five years. You gain a +2 trait bonus on Knowledge: Local checks related to that community.

Rise of the Runelord Campaign Feats

These FREE feats are from the old RotRL player’s guide and are subject to DM approval. Ask if you can take them, it’s a free feat after all. Maybe if you’re the only melee character or some other vital function the DM will allow it.

Big Game Hunter

You are experienced in fighting the gigantic creatures that stalk Varisia’s landscape.
+1 bonus on attack rolls
+2 bonus on weapon damage rolls against Large or Larger Creatures

City Born

You grew up in Magnimar, Korvosa, or Riddleport, one of Varisia’s three city-states. You are educated and well-informed on the news and needs of yoru home and hold tight to the knowledge that your city-state is unquestionably greater than the others.
Prerequisite: 1st level character, cannot have Country Born or Lone Wolf

+1 bonus on Reflex Rolls
Choose one of the three city-states:
Magnimar: +2 bonus diplomacy checks
Korvosa: +2 bonus Intimidate checks
Riddleport: +2 bonus bluff checks

Country Born

You come from one of Varisia’s rural regions, where you were raised in an environment of rustic tradtion, honest work, and common sense.
Prerequisite: 1st level character, cannot have City Born or Lone Wolf

Once per day when an effect would normally leave you fatigued or exhausted you may ignore the fatigue or exhaustion effect. You cannot “save” it to apply to a specific effect.
+1 bonus on Will saves

Lone Wolf

Prerequisite: 1st level character, cannot have City Born or Country Born

Whenever you are dying, your chance of stabilizing is 50%. Your vigorous health also grants you +1 bonus on Fortitude saves.

Totem Spirit

Prerequisite: Member of a Shoanti Tribe

Lyune-Quah (Moon Clan): +1 will save bonus and +2 bonus on hearing based perception checks
Shadde-quah (Axe Clan): Any Rage abilities last one round longer, +2 bonus on intimidate checks
Shriikirri-Quah (Hawk Clan): +2 initiative bonus and ride checks
Shundar-quah (Spire clan): +1 bonus fortitude saves and +2 sight based perception checks
Sklar-quah (Sun clan): +1 bonus reflex saves and +2 bonus on tumble based acrobatics checks
Skoan-quah (skill clan): +2 bonus on weapon damage vs undead and +2 bonus heal checks
Tamiir-quah (Wind Clan): Your base land speed increases by 5ft +2 bonus on jump based acrobatics checks.

Varisian Tattoo

Prerequisite: Spell Focus in matching school

Select a school of magic other than divination in which you have Spell Focus — you cast spells from this school at +1 caster level. Additionally, you can cast a single cantrip as a spell-like ability a number of times per day equal to your Constitution modifier (minimum 1/day, caster level equals Hit Dice, save DC is Charisma based). The spell-like ability gained (and its Varisian name) are as follows:
Abjuration: Resistance, Enchantment: Daze, Evocation: Dancing Lights, Illusion: Ghost Sound, Necromancy: Touch of fatigue, Transmutation: Mage Hand


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