The Furious Five

The Sandpoint Swallowtail Festival. Just saying the words excites the entire town and surrounding farmlands. The fall festival takes places on the first day of Rova. This year the day was glorious as the warm summer sunshine had not quite given way to the chill of early winter and another “Varisian Summer” was likely coming to Sandpoint.

As it turned out, the pleasant setting described above was brutally disrupted at sunset just as Father Zantus was to begin his prayers consecrating the new Sandpoint Cathedral. Goblins seems to come from nowhere…and everywhere all at once! It started suddenly. A stray dog was seen under a cart with it’s throat slit, still gurgling in it’s horrible death throes. From there, things accelerated so quickly that it was almost impossible to tell what was going on. People ran screaming for cover as fast as they could. Children were scooped up by frantic mothers and fathers and whisked away as fast as frightened legs could carry them. Unfortunately, some were still cut down by the goblins.
Sandpoint attack 1

It seemed forever but it only scant moments after the attack began that 5 travellers, unrelated to each other by all accounts, decided it was upon them to save Sandpoint! Eye witnesses say a emaciated elven adventurer with strange exploding weapons instantly wreaked havoc blowing a large gaping hole in one attackers chest from 10 meters away! Another, adventurer dressed in nothing but cloth was mumbling magic that was putting attackers to sleep like a baby listening to it’s mother sing a lullaby.

More goblins with torches appeared from nowhere and lit a tent on fire and immediate lept into battle. Joining the first two saviors of Sandpoint were 3 others. A huge Kellid-looking fellow with with a giant greatsword that literally chopped a goblin in half with one swing, another oddly familar looking youth that moved with such grace that it was almost easy to forget he was slicing and punching deep holes into his foes with short sword and some other weapon that looked like cylindrical dagger and finally a strong-looking, rather dramatic fighter that was whirling star-shaped blades with incredible accuracy. Well, he did fumble one particular attack that ended up pluging directly into his own thigh. Regardless, the big Kellid fellow touched him and his leg seemed to mend almost instantly.
Sandpoint attack 2

As the first wave was beginning to subside Father Zantus appeared in the square and cast prayers over these five brave adventurers making sure they were able to continue. Within a minute or less a dog was heard barking north of the square towards the north gate. As all five immediately ran to the sounds in that direction they discovered a local noble, Aldern Foxglove pinned behind a stand of empty barrels with his faithful hound dead right in front of him. Snarling and drooling blood and bits of Mr. Foxglove’s poor dog was a vicious looking ‘dog’ of some sort with a especially disgusting little bastard goblin riding atop. His forces also consisted of 3 more goblins with swords who came to their commander’s defense. Our heroes jumped into battle like they have lived in Sandpoint their entire lives. They made short shrift of all these enemies and by this time things were beginning to calm. Sheriff Hemlock’s men were beginning to wrap up most parts of Sandpoint and some town militia were beginning to muster. Mr. Foxglove warmly thanked them all and invited them to dinner at the Rusty Dragon within the next few days. He also seemed to take a liking to the whirling, graceful roguish member of the group particularly praising his combat prowess.

It was not long before someone in town coined the term which is now being used to describe these new local heroes. The Furious Five. I think it has a very nice ring to it, myself but I am only your humble narrator.

The next day, Sheriff Hemlock and Father Zantus called upon the Furious Five to join them as they investigated why the door to one of the boneyard’s sealed mausoleums was ajar. Inside they discovered that Father Tobyn’s remains were missing and although most of the tracks were obviously goblin, one human-sized creature wearing shoes was certainly there as well. If this has any meaning or not remains to be seen.
Tobyn masoleum

The Furious Five

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