Tsuto's Trumpery

Having discovered that Sandpoint’s former priest, Father Tobyn’s, remains were stolen during the goblin raid on Sandpoint the Furious Five went back to The Rusty Dragon Inn and retired for the evening. So much had happened in the last 2 days that the group was simply exhausted and both the Cleric of Gorum, Torek and the spellweaver, Terkari of the cackling voice and strangely-alert-raven-that-obeys-him-like-a-dog certainly needed to rest and replenish their powers by prayer and by study.

Before sunrise the following morning, without word to his new friends, Kaenan, the mysterious elf wielding the exploding dwarven weapon slipped away. He told Bethana Corwyn that he felt he needed to go back to his family farm near the Mierani Forest and he disappeared. Perhaps the raid made such a deep impression on him that he felt he needed to go home? Who knows? I am sure that the town of Sandpoint as well as the other heroes would have liked to wish him well and thank him for his help.

The following day as lunch was being prepared in the kitchen of The Rusty Dragon Inn an older man of Tian features stormed into the inn yelling in a strange tongue that none of whom could now only be referred to as the “Furious Four” comprehended. What they did quickly discern is that Ameiko’s name was amongst the sure-to-be expletives spewing forth from this man’s orifice. At that moment he walked over to the table of town heroes and proceeded to insult and provoke them to the utter astonishment of all in attendance.

Lonjiku kaijitsu
As the patrons sat there amazed, Ameiko came from the kitchen with a ladle full of soup and confronted the man speaking the same language. Malkurian, being from Sandpoint, quietly whispered that this man was Ameiko’s father, Lonjiku Kaijitsu and also that although it was not generally spoken of publically, as the elder Kaijitsu is a very powerful man from Sandpoint clear to Magnimar, he is estranged from both of his children. Whilst Malkurian is explaining the history of the recent Kaijitsu’s everyone notices Lonjiku reach out and grab Ameiko by her pony tail and attempt to drag her from the building. Before any member of the party could react (as surely one of faith must believe they would before long), Ameiko broke her father’s grapple with a nifty spin maneuver and bonked him over the head with her still half-full ladle of soup! Covered in soup, having been cuckolded by his own child he stormed towards the door of the inn and turned to Ameiko and said with a cold look of hatred in his eyes “You are as dead to me as your mother!” and pushed the door open leaving the crowd with their jaws still gaping.

As always, Ameiko rebounded quickly remarking loudly “Well, I will need a clean ladle now because JACK ASS STEW in not on the menu!” and the entire crowd broke into raucous laughter, clapping and cheers! It was not difficult to see, however, that her father’s parting dig was actually quite painful as Ameiko fought back a tear. Ozrin visited the Sandpoint Theater and spoke with Cyrdak Drokkus where he came away with a plan to get the group to re-enact their heroic feats when Sandpoint was raided by the goblins. Something tells this narrator that “The Yellow Jacket” will be pushing this offer along with the rest of the adventurers.

An auspicious start to the day already and for dinner the troupe was to sup with that dandy of a noble they saved, Aldern Foxglove When all of the heroes were assembled in the common area, Lord Foxglove (Raven secretly dices a 14 <+9> = 23 and notices the narrator rolls his eyes ever so faintly just as he utters those two words) makes a grand entrance and heads like a expertly-placed crossbow bolt for Malkurian as if there was none other in the room. Foxy chats up Malkurian about his physical and martial prowess telling him that’s why he invited him to dinner. Sheepishly, Malkurian ripostes with how helpful the balance of the Furious Five Four were and how without them he wouldn’t have been nearly as effective. Aldern reluctantly agreed to host them all and they sat to begin. At that moment a young man entered. He carried himself as someone with military training and announced he was seeking Mr. Foxglove. He introduced himself simply as Vesper and said that he had word from a Magnimar trade group named the Brothers of the Seven to which Aldern belonged. He was invited to join for dinner and it was duly noted that he wore a very interesting type of armor seldom seen. Vesper called it Mountain Armor. A merry time was had by all as Lord Foxglove spared no expense with food and drink. He invited Malkurian to enjoy a Boar hunt in the Tickwood Forest early the following morning and with all sitting there it wasn’t long before the entire party, now including their new friend, Vesper, were coming along.

The following morning it was very chilly, still dark as the group met. Aldern and his hired guide passed out some special weapons to everyone explaining that it was a Boar Spear and that the crossbeam is there to prevent the boar from running itself all the way up the spear to gore it’s wielder before dying. They set out and soon came to the forest where the guide told them to keep quiet and alert. Before long a rustle in the undergrowth was heard and a huge Tickwood Boar came bounding from the bushes. He was so far away that even at full speed he was unable to reach the party before they could react and ready themselves. Quickly dispatched, the party turned back to see Aldern Foxglove, host of this hunt, shivering in fright, frozen as solid to the ground as if his expensive leather boots were nailed down! The group made their way back and had the boar prepared for dinner and tired afterwards, they turned in.

The following day went a little more quietly with 2 important exceptions. Of note was an interaction between one Miss Shayliss Vinder (17 years old and her father claims is “still pure”) and one Master Ozrin “Yellow Jacket” Lernnt. Let me start by saying that I have no personal knowledge whatsoever about the circumstances of their tryst, err….meeting. I am just here to impartially report what I hear as I keep my ear to the ground, so-to-speak. That being said, I have been told from un-named sources that one Ven Vinder of Sandpoint’s General Store just happened to walk in on said alleged interaction and our town hero, Mr. Jacket or Mr. Lernnt as he is known, did the logical thing and….RAN! Fast. Really fast! As of this time I have no further unsubstantiated proof of anything to report but I have my feelers out all over town and will report back at a later time.

Back to issues of more import that indentifying the party Lothario…

The other issue of interest was that our intrepid group had the opportunity to meet Shalelu Andosana when Sheriff Hemlock invited the adventurers to the Town Hall as Shalelu unexpectedly arrived back in Sandpoint so soon after her last visit. She was friendly and businesslike explaining her role in the area and filling the Furious Few (nobody really knows the amount of total Furiousity as it seems to change often so the populace went with this new name instead the original ‘Furious Five’) on the local Goblin tribes. She believes that they have been united by someone, a “longshanks”, as the tribes usually allow petty squabbles between themselves to ruin any chance at truly unifying the tribes and doing any significant damage. She also gave the FF a detailed rundown on the goblin tribes as well as a bugbear named Brathazmus that she says trades with them and with whom she has a personal vendetta. Sheriff Hemlock informed the group he was heading immediately to Magnimar to try and convince the Lord-Mayor himself to send more soldiers for Sandpoint and asked the FF to keep a high profile in town as a favor to him.

Very early the following morning the party was informed by Bethana Corwyn that Ameiko was missing! The FF discovered that for quite some time Bethana would begin breakfast and then Ameiko would put on her finishing touches. This morning Ameiko did not show up so when Bethana went to her room to check on her she only found a coded note. To further the difficulty the note was written in Minkian. With the help of Bethana the group was quickly able to deduce a simple cypher whereas the letters are offset plus or minus a number of spaces. The fully decoded letter looks like this.

The party readied for battle and made haste for the Sandpoint Glassworks. When they arrived a few locals had already spied the Furious Few on the move and were being nosy hanging around in the background to see if they could get a glimpse of some action without endangering themselves. The group found the windows and doors of the building nearly completely boarded up. After separating themselves they performed a textbook pincer movement coming upon a large group of goblins from both sides simultaneously. Brilliant! Terkari instantly made nighty-night on more than half of the little devils and the battle was over before it really had begun. Moving down the stairs into the basement the goblin wrecking crew moved carefully and discovered Tsuto and two of his goblin lackeys. Another battle immediately ensued with Tsuto being cornered in a room by the Furious Few. Although Tsuto fought as hard as he could he was no match for the Few and he was lucky they decided to subdue him and take him prisoner. After he finally fell he was tied up securely and searched. On him was found an unknown strength of healing potion x1, a mundane composite shortbow and 14 arrows, a magical ring that grants the wearer some additional physical protection as identified by Terkari, some high quality tools of a thief, a nice looking flute, some silver earrings, 6 pouches of gold dust (value unknown), 5 pouches of silver dust (value unknown) and 10pp. Also of even more important note were three legible pages of what looks to be Tsuto Kaijitsu’s Journal . Surely the party can deduce much from a thorough study of these documents.

When we left off we are in the Sandpoint Glassworks Basement and Tsuto Kaijitsu is a captive of the Furious Few right where they dropped him. Ameiko Kaijitsu is sill missing

Tsuto's Trumpery

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