Les Amis Improbable

Sandpoint saved by heroes!

Heroes of sandopoint

Yesterday was a sad day in Sandpoint. Our town has suffered yet another setback as Sandpoint was attacked by goblins in the early evening yesterday. As our own Father Zantus took the stage and used his Thunderstone to call everyone’s attention to the recital of The First Prayer of Dreaming to consecrate our new cathedral, hundreds of small creatures I am told are Goblins attacked the town from the north and from the east.
a rendering of Goblins from a local artist

According to town Sheriff, Belor Hemlock, he believes that the town had also been infiltrated in the days leading up to the Swallowtail Festival. The thought of those aweful creatures hiding in and amongst us and our town for days without us knowing has sent shivers down Sandpoint’s collective spine. Fortunately for Sandpoint and for each of us a group of 5 different visitors to our town took it upon themselves to protect us from these menacing raiders. All five of them stood strong and fast, fighting like they had spent years together. In the end, they risked their lives to help save the town we all love. Ameiko at the Rusty Dragon Inn generously offered free rooms for a week to the “Furious Five” as some in town have begun to refer to them by.

Sandpoint continues to see it’s share of difficulty and misery. From the Late Unpleasantness to now, this new attack, we perservere. Thank the Gods there are travellers that can see, so easily, that Sandpoint is worth fighting for!

The Swallowtail Festival is Tomorrow!

Fallfestival Swallowtail

Remember that tomorrow is the first day of fall and our annual Swallowtail Festival! As everyone knows we will be having a holuday with games for the kids and good food from our fine tavernkeepers of Sandpoint. Of course this year is also special because we can dedicate our brand new cathedral after 5 years of waiting!

Come one and all and bring your good cheer for Sandpoint takes a major step forward after all that unpleasantness 5 years ago.

See you tomorrow!

Mayor Deverin

Sandpoint Cathedral to be dedicated at the Swallowtail Festival

Sandpoint cathedral2

Just 18 days from now on Sandpoint’s famous Swallowtail Festival day our esteemed Mayor Deverin along with other city elders and dignitaries will dedicate our brand new Sandpoint Cathedral! It has been a long 5 years but I think you can see it was worth the wait.

There is no other cathedral in Varisia that worships 6 different but complimentary Deities.

Above is a beind-the-scenes architectural rendering done in Magnimar. I hope you like it.

There will be a fair, great Varisian food as well as games for the kids! It’s only 18 days away!

(OOC – The date cannot be changed to the Varisian Calendar that I know of…only the year)


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